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Mutual Positioning, 2021
Video stills/ Duration 3:14 minutes 
Tobacco Warehouse, Liverpool 


Four wheels between two spaces, 2021
Duration: 10-minute video 
Desk with wheels, Human body 
This digital video explores the movement of the body through a moveable object, looking at how objects motivate movement from the body and the role the body plays in choreographic objects.

Untitled, 2021
Duration 2:01 minutes 
Montgomery castle, Wales

This performance show the artists walking the perimeter of Montgomery castle, wales with a handmade clay ball balanced on her head. She works in a three way system with her body, the physical space and object.


Promenade, 2020​
Digital video duration 2.33 minutes
Myself 5ft 3 human body, cardboard 2 meters, acrylic paint, mod rock, tape.

Documentation of a live performance by Abbie Bradshaw uses choreographic objects made out of cardboard packaging accumulated during Lockdown one, to change the functions of her own body and its movement. This performance explores interactions between the choreographic objects and the body in the context of everyday spaces 'the promenade'. Focusing on the contrast between the ball's movement and the body's movement with restrictions, She is interested in everyday acts and performance and what separates the two. 



An invisible thread, 2020
Video duration: 2 minutes 
The human body, cable barrel, uneven floor
Make Liverpool 

There was an ever so slight slope in the floor. This performance explores the relationship between the space and the artists' physicality through objects. A found cable barrel around the north docks of Liverpool became a tool to form a connection between the body and space. Abbie created a dialog through experimentation around the room, a better understanding of the structure of the space in relation to her physical presence testing the boundaries and limitations of the space. 


Rolling a tabletop to the sound of a sawdust hoover, 2021
Video Duration 6.48 minutes
The human body, Tabletop painted blue, Yellow clay ball, cable barrel. 

Rolling a tabletop to the sound of a sawdust hoover is a digital video produced from documentation of a live performance by Abbie Bradshaw. She used found objects either circular or spherical to move around following a square taped on the floor, the square tape is not visible in the video. The absence of the artist and the motion in this video is replaced by the sounds of the artist moving with her objects around the 3 invisible edges of the square. A circle without edges, moving around the square with 4.


Somewhere. 2020
Video duration 1.03 minute 
Dismantled table, human body, dinner party utensils - knife fork stick candle flowers in a vase. 

This digital video/ performance explores domestic spaces, everyday domestic objects, and life during a global pandemic. 


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Part two, 2020
Video duration 0.22
 Exhibition research lab, Liverpool 

A digital video and part of an installation exploring gender and its influence on movement and position in film and the everyday. where the artist restaged movements and actions from a 1970s horror film, embodying the space with her movements.